HazSim 2.0

With the HazSim 2.0 you can send real time gas readings to someone training in the field without having to use any dangerous chemicals or gases while eliminating the risk of someone getting hurt and give them a realistic feel to how things would happen if they were actually in the field.

While in training questions can be sent in real time from the Trainer to the trainee to ask him questions (ex. Trainer sends gas reading of 50ppm H2S to trainee then sends question asking if it is safe to proceed)

With the Rental of the HazSim 2.0:

The HazSim will be setup to read in whatever format of gas monitor that you want. We will also preprogram any questions you would like to ask your trainees before hand.

From the Manufacturer:

HazSimĀ® provides front line responders and Hazmat workers live, on-location, real-time simulations that mirror dangerous environments and improve the learning experience without the use of dangerous agents.

The HazSim systems are created to be a self-contained training system that is easily utilized by your training department, staff or clients who monitor hazardous environments.

HazSim systems offer unlimited training scenarios with a fully customisable 4 gas, 5 gas, 6 gas, including WMD and radiation, custom alarms, custom language and much more.

LocationIdeal Calibrations Headquarters
GroupGas Detector Simulators
Sub group--


$900.00 per week
$2,700.00 per month
Quantity Required: